Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Great Question Abby. . .

"Why did you choose to defend a brutal dictator?"

At least we know where Abby stands.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Questions With The Morning Coffee

This morning we the people of the United States of America are greeted by the news headline:

President Barack Obama visits holocaust memorial

Telegraph.co.uk - ‎55 minutes ago‎
Mr Obama visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial Friday as he wrapped up a three-day trip to Israel. He said the memorial represents a call to confront bigotry and racism, "especially anti-Semitism.

What in the world is the meaning of this?  How many holocaust memorials are there on the planet?  Why is it that United States officials, with astounding regularity, use these memorials for photo ops?  Was America to blame for a German leader's racism?  Didn't America offer the lives of its citizens, along with untold millions of taxpayer dollars in armaments and supplies, to help rescue the victims?  Shouldn't we be receiving thanks instead of repeatedly mourning the tragedy and making promises and financial commitments to ensure it never happens again?

What about Russia's victims during that same time period of the holocaust?  What about all the other planetary incidents of foreign leaders torturing and murdering their citizens by the millions because of prejudice?

What about the Palestinians?  

Monday, February 27, 2012


A few weeks ago in response to a situation I was frustrated with, a friend replied “DIY”. It took me a few days to figure out that acronym: Do It Yourself. Since then, it's stuck in my head and I've put it to good use in various situations. DIY comes to mind now as the alternative news playground offers up yet another series of recess scuffles; this time between alternative celebrities Jeff Rense and Henry Makow.

It all started when Rense informed Makow that he would no longer link to articles on Makow's site that were not written by Makow himself. Makow had printed a piece by Jim Stone which posited that Fukushima was not a natural earthquake. Rense contends that it was a natural occurrence and therefore had no interest in linking to Stone's analysis. Makow took offense to Jeff's editorial policy and geared up for battle. Rense accepted the challenge.

This foolishness devolved further into madness. A new blogger dubbed Anonymous stepped in to defend Rense, as did online metals dealer Paul Drockton. Name-calling ensued. Then the blindside punch: Rense's recent ex-wife contacted Makow with her tale of woe. She claimed to be down and out on her butt with no resources and proceeded to detail – in a three-part series on Makow's site – her perceived injuries at the hands of Rense. Next thing we read, medical diagnoses are being hurled. According to the ex-wife, Rense exhibits NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). According to Drockton, and in an odd twist of communications, Makow, the ex-wife's behavior raises suspicions of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and/or SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).

As far as can be determined from online research, of the four of them – Rense, Makow, Drockton and the former Mrs. Rense – not one holds a medical license or an advanced degree in psychology. This means that their respective insinuations, accusations and diagnoses are worthless.

What's an inquisitive, striving-to-be-informed, run-of-the-mill alternative news seeker to do when faced with these ugly, petty sensationalist arguments between personalities who purport to be defenders of "truth"?


A calculated examination of alternative news sites reveals that most of them simply comb the major news services for their links. Each has a preferred list of independent bloggers and mainstream journalists (such as Pepe Escobar and John Pilger) to whom they link. Sometimes, as in the case of Prison Planet and Global Research, there are reporters on staff. After a while, one can anticipate which mainstream news services and bloggers specific alternative news sites prefer. As for independent bloggers such as Drockton and Makow, they write opinions on issues of their choosing and can be accessed without link from an alternative news site. Once one has established which subjects and philosophies are of interest and worthy of pursuit, a dependency on alternative providers is unnecessary.

I'd like to thank these feuding fellows for demonstrating once and for all that playground battles are a waste of precious time. Also, as I bid them a fond farewell, I'd like to thank many of the alternative news sites for introducing me to valuable sources of information and methods of news gathering.

From now on when it comes to news and reading material, DIM is the acronym. Choosing sides is a ticket to a rat's maze and remaining aloof while on location of a playground fight is impossible with all the shouting and background mumblings.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Open Blog To Congress

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The time has come to admit that each and almost every one of you have failed in your duties as public servants. The American people, and the republic of the United States of America, are no longer your priorities. You have instead adopted a global view with regard to foreign and domestic affairs. This present course of executive, legislative and judicial momentum will result in the destruction of our nation and its inclusion in a planetary system of governance in which we the people will have little – if any – representation. Are you so insulated and ensconced in your offices that you rest assured in the knowledge that future generations of your own progeny are insured against the damage you wrought?

Since our founding, the republic has been a warring nation with the carrot of peace dangling just out of reach. Since the hijackings in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, that carrot has been removed from public discourse. The question now is, where we shall next deploy our military might? To make matters worse, our wagon is hitched to a nation on the other side of the globe, as excruciatingly obvious from the 2012 presidential candidate debates and by the constant reminders from its lobbying influences. Recently a news editor affiliated with Israel suggested that the assassination of our president has been under consideration. What was our response? We let the man apologize and resign. (Of course, you may claim that due to National Security, you cannot discuss what the actual ramifications were. You must think us fools to believe that some terrorist threats are deserving of headline news, executive pronouncements, legislative action, and judicial restraint and others are not.)

As to September 11, 2001, what has been done to correct the system that permitted 19 box-cutter-armed, US flight-trained men to get away with hijacking FOUR commercial airliners over the course of an hour? Why have there been no indictments, courts martial, or public hearings of those responsible for this defense failure? Rather than examining internal problems, you voted to attack a foreign nation that was not involved; later citing poor intelligence as an excuse for that fiasco. A faulty defense system and an incompetent intelligence complex are exposed and still you vote to continue attacking terrorists across the globe at the expense of our national blood and treasury.. One mistake after the other, in the wake of which trillions are spent and millions are dead, maimed and homeless, including women and children and our own soldiers.

Also rather than examining the defense and intelligence shortcomings, you instituted legislation curtailing the liberty and freedom of US citizens. Oppressive, silencing and dehumanizing measures which you yourselves need not endure. (Fire up the jet and get the congressperson some champagne for the trip back to inform family which contracts are coming down the pike and which investments must be made!)

Speaking of voting, how can you possibly justify passing a resolution to NOT engage in diplomatic negotiations with Iran? Have we discarded all notions of being a civilized people? (One viewing of a American broadcast television show wherein two “bitches” exchange saliva might incline one to respond in the positive. Yet another example of government blindness to common decency.)

As you effect great national divides before the great global conquering, it might be worth considering this: Are you immune to the legislative ramifications inflicted upon the ones who dust your desk, clean your toilet, build your pool house, service your limo, prepare your martinis, coif your tresses and keep your own children out of them?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Book Review: The Dark Splendor

Not for the faint of heart, this is a fantastic fictional tale (What better way to tell the truths of the matters?) by Les Visible. It since has been republished under the title The Darkening Splendor Of An Unknown World.

This book laid about the apartment unread for a couple of years because of a close encounter of the too-close kind with a drug dealer in my moderately short tour through youthful indiscretion. The penalties and pitfalls were known to me and right from the start of the book, it was clear that Visible knew all about the penalties and pitfalls as well. This fact made it difficult to proceed; however after falling paralyzed to a dental eruption, I was looking around for something fictional to read and there it sat - waiting to be reopened. It was worth facing the fear.

A warning to those interested in a vicarious thrill: This book is not for you. Bad ju-ju will follow. (Visible would use a different term and though not closely attached to the term ju-ju myself, the point is made.)

Here we have a master weaver of tales who swoops in with ferocity. The characters leap from the first page and spark a journey into their lives in a world that is as petrifying to the naive as it is alluring to the naively adventurous. By chapter three it is hard to put down, even to fetch a cup of tea. By then, the players are introduced from opposite sides of the American continent and one can sense an impending connection and becomes eager for the unfolding. By chapter twenty-one, the decision must be made as to whether or not to keep reading through the night (and perhaps continuing on to tow it to work the next day)!

The story opens with Corrina, the hapless wife of Royce, a west coast supplier to street dealers who fancies himself a big-time operator. Soon one is immersed with others: Alan, the New York City cop lost in the bottle after his wife is murdered; CarryAnn and her mother, Anise, a well-known television actress; Balfire and Malcomb, criminals with perverse dreams of grandeur; Ben the upright Los Angeles cop; Dr. Abadon, expert witness and learned researcher on the criminal mind; and the terrifyingly commissioned Billy Joe, a mastermind, a genius of the occult, whose continued successes keep him him emboldened and confident down the road to controlling all who come within his sphere.

The jacket cover description of The Dark Splendor calls the book, "One part crime novel and one part occult thriller". Perfect.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ron Paul: Dishonored Savior-In-Waiting

Let us not be fooled again.

Calling to mind the Obama 2008 campaign, there we had our hope and change. A political outsider, a pup - a young(ish) man with a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. One-term senator. Do-gooder. Speech-maker extraordinaire. Affirmative action came-of-age.

Not a gd thing changed since then insofar as the general direction of the nation.

Now we have Ron Paul. Collecting millions from the people. Soaring in the polls. Ignored by the traditional media outlets. "Blacked out" as the Paul website proclaims.

Come, let us reason together: Exactly how does Ron Paul propose to make the changes to government that he insinuates he will? Executive Orders? Bullying Congress? He can't even make up his mind whether he's a Republican or a Libertarian. Both, of course, depending on who's doing the writing or the talking.

We'll get him, if that's what the global machine must acquiesce to. Then we'll be happy, won't we - listening to all those excuses about why he can't do this or that, swallowing the medicine of the next financial order (anyone who really believes the fed isn't dead anyway needs to re-examine the facts).

Ron Paul on the issues. Start with the "Honest Money" section and happy reading for all of us with the desire to join him on the "journey of imagination".

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freeman's Latest Perspective

Freeman has a new idea. Apparently the magazine he's been promising to publish for a year or more (through donations) is not to be. His community garden project evidently didn't capture his long-term interest either. In fact, the "Out Grow Your Gov't" ChipIn campaign has been wiped from the website and the Google cache links.

His latest announcement:
"We're going to bust out and take this revolution to the streets! We have so many homes to visit and joy to share, we want to live in a Tour Bus. It has been my life's dream to revive the Merry Pranksters and dance, drumming into office buildings to see how many people we can spring from the work force penitentiary."
Freeman poetically describes his idea of, and a name for, his revolution. But first, he poses a few questions:
How will human culture change in the next millennium as a result of conscious evolution?
Will we feel it proper to cater to our earth so that beauty supplants blind ambition?
Will our technological advancements be turned to providing free time for the inhabitants of earth?
Can everyone participate in a giving and receiving interaction that perpetuates an exchange of information that would become everyone’s new work, our new economic orientation?

The Type One Road Show

Get on board with the Type One Movement
– Social Media With Purpose -
Never before has the individual had the powers of the mass media.
The 21st Century has opened the doors to a new style of communication

– Type One Media --
Type One is a Globally Communicative Social Structure of Individuals

Bringing Power Back To The People Through Independent Media

Type One Artists Resonate With the Global Consciousness

Expressing the True Loving Nature of Humanity
From here, he goes straight for the wallet:
To start this interplanetary trip, we need a Type One Roadshow Tour Bus. This will be easy. All we need is $27.50 from 200 people and we will have the sweetest ride.
His pitch:
Now, what is worth $27.50 to 200 people? That's about the price of a Cheap Trick concert or a DVD. DVDs I have. How about a concert? A lecture tour? 200 talks along the way may way [sic] on my soul a bit. 200 visits to see the people that supported the trip...that might be possible.

I plan on seeking all that wish to be sought and creating shows of great amazement and joy. Highlighting the strange and presenting the impossible; a solution to our world's plight. Is this too much to ask?
Yes, it is, Freeman.

Reading between the lines it appears that they plan to visit the 200 people who donate the money to buy that Type One Roadshow Tour Bus. Obviously it would not be in Freeman's best interest to spring his donors from the confines of the work force penitentiary until
after he and his wife drive off from their visit. This is because they expect to be further supported by these kind folks on the visiting list:
We’d be paid by the people we touched.
And here's why:
Our gifts should go to the people who have brought us spiritual truth. When people come into our lives at just the right moment to give us the answers we need, we should give them money.
Do you hear that, Granny? You should be supplementing your social security by collecting money each time you give advice and share your wisdom. No more worries about a tight budget!

Freeman boasts that he has never had a 'regular job' - ever. In 2005, he hit the airwaves courtesy of a Project Camelot whistleblower (won't name him because I can't find the reference). By season two of the Freeman Perspective he was advertising his "internationally known" self (he interviewed Michael Tsarion by phone), he was selling DVDs, and was out on the radio guest circuit. Following that he had a website donated to him by whynotnews.eu, and he went a-travelin' to Australia with those fellows. Upon his return, he peddled the same old DVDs - despite promises, promises, of tons of research just waiting to be media-fied as soon as the donations poured in.
Next he begged for money to go to Europe to see David Icke. Somewhere around that time he married. (Congratulations to him but who's putting the food on the table and keeping a roof overhead?) Then he made a member subscription area on the (donated) website. At last, he hatched the garden plot.

Freeman has seemingly worked his way up to the priesthood as evidenced by his ability to sell contradictory notions to his followers, to-wit:

They should give him money and they should be free from the work force penitentiary.

I predict that once he's on the road to visiting all the $27 Americans who are not homeless or unemployed (the already free people), he'll be reporting back that the penitentiaries are heavily guarded. He won't be able to spring those slaves. Unless of course, he gets enough donations to retain a lawyer or start a PAC to assert the right to free the slaves. . .